Production planning

COMPASS provides an optimum level of service to meet customer needs through a simulation system of planned production.

Finite capacity planning based on real time processing is a good government planning system. COMPASS aligns with a constant monitoring of work in progress, ensure a normal production turned into a "just in time” to meet customer needs.

In order to boost this policy flexibility, Meccanica Piovesan has developed an automated warehouse for better traceability and with the presence 2300 qt of raw materials divided into these categories:

FE430/510: flat or round bars, rolled or drawn, plate and tube

C40: flat bars rolled or extruded, drawn or ground into round bar

18 CEMENTATION: rolled round bars

38/39TEMPERED: rolled into rods or plates

AISI 304/316/431: in round bars, flat or tube

BRASS / BRONZE (B10,B14 Bral e Gcusn12): in round bars or plate or tube

ALUMINIUM (AC100, AC60, ERGAL): in round bars, flat or tube

Plastics (vulkolan, nylon, teflon): in round bars or plates or tube.