Precision Machine Workshop

Meccanica Piovesan, which is run since 1996 by two partners Orlando Piovesan and Jonni Piovesan, is a company in Italy that executes mechanical manufacturing of precision machining such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding of small, medium and large objects. The company, which is 4000 square meters has a staff of 25 employees and is also equipped with high-tech CNC machines. Meccanica Piovesan’s peculiarity resides in the fact that it is able to provide both single piece and small complete sets of all possible treatments required by the customer, providing a test certificate. Pieces are also on constant quality checks to offer customers a quality service.


Compass provides a level of optimal service to meet customers' needs through the simulation system of planned production...

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Understand the changes and commit major human and economic resources to maintain advanced production equipment...

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Meccanica Piovesan has been equipped over time with all necessary instruments to ensure the provision of a wide range of products...

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